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Backup 2

A completely new version of our flagship product, capable of backing-up your data to local drives, FTP servers, DropBox, or any other destination using a revolutionary plugin system. Stay tuned!
Altexa specializes in data backup software, making the most of the power and security that online data backup can offerFree trial!

Our internet backup software allows you to back up your documents, in a safe, secure fashion, over the internet, to our backup servers - if anything happens to your data locally or to your computer, you can be sure that a safe copy is only a few clicks away!

Altexa Backup is the low-cost offsite data backup solution that your data needs.

From only €0.03 per day your data can be saved off-site, safe from harm
Protecting your data is essential.

Data loss can happen at any time.
80% of small businesses are forced to close following computer theft or fire.
Very few small businesses have effective backup policies.

Backing-up data is a long, tedious procedure which is a waste of time...

until you need that data...and you don't have a backup.
Check out the features that Altexa Backup can offer you in terms of secure online data backup

Got questions? Have a look at our FAQ or send us an email

Seen other online backup services advertised? Can't make your mind up which one is right for you? We've made a comparison of Altexa Backup, and some of our competitors - it might be easier for you to choose afterwards!
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